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7 Major Health Benefits of Forskolin

Forskolin is a natural extract produced by the Coleus Forskohlii plant that grows wild in subtropical forskolintemperate regions like Burma, India and Thailand. The small herb is a part of the mint family, and is also found in Nepal and Sri Lanka. It has played a vital role in traditional medicines for thousand of years due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Only in the recent years it has gotten big attention after it was endorsed by Dr Oz. Here are some health benefits:

1. Treats Asthma: It helps to ward off asthma attacks. A study from the Journal of International Medical Research found that the asthma attacks were less frequent among people who consumed forskolin supplements as compared to those patients who were recommended to treatment with sodium cromoglycate, which is a common asthma treatment.

2. Treats Eczema: Inflammatory conditions such as eczema is often characterized by a decline in cAMP levels in the skin and the bronchial smooth muscle. By stimulating the levels of cAMP, it helps to relax and soothe the bronchial muscles, and therefore it is extremely beneficial in treating this allergic condition. Some studies have also shown it to be as effective as traditional medicines in treating eczema.

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health: The spasmolytic and hypotensive properties of the extract provide some of the most beneficial clinical applications. For instance, it provides cardio-protective actions, that involve improving contractility of the patient’s heart as well as lowering their blood pressure. Additionally, it helps to relax and soothe arteries and increases the force of contraction, thereby improving the overall heart function.

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4. Promotes Weight Loss: This is one of the major benefits of forskolin. According to a study published in 2005 in Obesity Research , it can help to treat obesity. In this study, around 30 obese or overweight men were assigned to receive either a placebo or forskolin daily for at least 12 weeks. At the end of the study, people of the forskolin group showed a higher decline in their body fat and a higher increase in their lean body mass, as compared to the people of the Placebo group. All the participants who were treated with the supplement also showed a significant increase in their body mass.

5. Treats Glaucoma: A research conducted on some animals suggested that eye drops containing the extract helped to protect them against glaucoma. For instance, two studies conducted on rabbits suggested that the extract helped to reduce intraocular pressure, which is a key factor in the development of glaucoma.

6. Relives Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism: It has conventionally been used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat hypothyroidism. It is believed to augment thyroid function by activating the cAMP enzyme and also stimulating the release of all thyroid hormones.

7. Tanning: According to some laboratory experiments conducted on animals, it was proven that applying the product to their skin may cause tanning. In a study published in 2006 in Nature, scientists showed that it can help manipulate the skins pigmentation, and thereby induce tanning without actually being exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun.

However, before considering the use of forskolin and before starting the supplement regimen for any chronic health problem, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

How Effective Is Forskolin For Weight Loss?

Forskolin- the most talked about natural weight loss supplement and the one item that is buzzing and forskolin weight lossblazing all across the globe. That’s because it contains a natural extract, known as Coleus Forskohlii which is 100% natural. In the past few years, its non-synthetic and natural version has been linked to a wide array of positive weight loss and fat burning effects that can help support a healthy weight management in a safe manner. But how effective is it for weight loss?

Scientific studies have shown forskolin to produce a decrease in the fat mass and an increase in the lean mass along with significant fat loss. It changes the overall composition of the body by lowering the ratio between lean body mass and body fat. Less body fat is usually considered by researchers, nutritionists and doctors to be a positive outcome of any weight loss regimen. According to researchers, people who took forskolin experienced several favorable changes in their body composition. Here are some ways that will help you to know how effective is the supplement for weight loss:

1. It Can Breakdown Excess Fat

All those people who have a bulging belly with some folding skin over their jeans- this is probably due to the excess fat in their bodies. Weight gain often results in excess calories and fat stored in unwanted places such as, stomach, thighs etc. Researchers have found and proven that it can help to stimulate the breakdown of this stored fat in all overweight people.

2. It Can release All Fatty Acids

Metabolism and fatty acids are extremely indispensable for energy production and life. Such essential fatty acids are needed to produce sufficient metabolic energy for the body to think, move, produce body heat, breathe, talk and everything else that your body requires to do in order to survive. Researchers have also proven that it helps to release such fatty acids from the adipose tissue, which in turn results in augmented thermogenesis, leading to the loss of fat in the body as well as an increase in the lean mass. Thermogenesis is basically the production of heat in your body.

3. Research Shows proven Results

Research has shown that forskolin helps to stimulate lipolysis in your fat cells. Also, scientists have found that several obese or overweight people have lower cAMP production. Based on such findings, scientists concluded that the extract can be an effective weight loss agent, especially for all those with a diminished cAMP production. A recent study appeared to confirm this theory too. Six obese women consumed 25 mg of forskolin two times everyday for almost eight weeks. At the end of this study, all the people lost a mean of approximately ten pounds, and it mitigated their percentage of body fat by approximately eight percent. Such results also indicated that this all-natural product is totally safe to use, and beneficial adjunct to maintaining normal body composition and losing body weight.

So yes, this supplement has the power to help obese people lose weight and it may become your next weight loss miracle. It is definitely worth trying.