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Forskolin Extract is Capable of Treating Skin Conditions

Are you suffering for Psoriasis or other skin condition? The good news is that you can take forskolin supplements to treat forskolin-and-psoriasispsoriasis, which is a skin condition that occurs as result of skin cells multiplying at higher rate than normal. This leads to silvery, itchy patches formed on your skin. This condition is caused by an imbalance of the body cell regulating chemicals which includes cAMP, and can easily be normalized by forskolin.

Study has shown that reduced levels of cAMP can cause eczema and asthma. Lack of cAMP in your body can also caused the release of histamine, leading to subsequent allergic symptoms such as local reaction and bronchoconstriction. It can prevent the onset of these symptoms by increasing the cAMP levels. It can be helpful for any skin condition that is caused partially or wholly by an allergic reaction.

But what is cAMP? This is an important cell-regulating compound also known as cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This property can stabilize mast cells that contain histamine and many other inflammatory substances. Since forskolin supplements are very effective in preventing these harmful compounds from being released, it has become a reliable solution for treating diseases such as eczema and asthma.

The extract is also said to be effective in promoting skin pigmentation and also protect your skin from UV light damage. For those people who like to tan their skin, they expose themselves to UV light which sometimes can be dangerous. A study that was carried out recently showed that application of forskolin caused pigmentation without the need to expose the fair-skin to UV light. It also protect skin from UV light skin DNA damage.

What are other benefits?

It can help to treat glaucoma, which is a condition that affect optic nerve and could lead to loss of vision. Glaucoma is associated with increased IOP (intraocular pressure) and it has clearly shown that it can greatly reduce IOP when its applied to the affected eye.

It has proved to be an effective supplement for enhancing weight management programs. Evidence has indicated that it can activate cAMP cells which helps in burning fat, which leads to weight loss. The studies have shown that forskolin stimulates lipolysis which is the breakdown of the stored fat cells. This action inhibits the synthesis of store fat in your body by activating cAMP.

The supplement can be used to relieve the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Medical experts will tell you that a healthy thyroid gland is able to produce hormones that help in regulating your rate of metabolism. However, in the case of hypothyroidism, it means that your thyroid gland cannot secrete enough hormone and hence your metabolism will slow down. This condition can cause both physical and mental sluggishness, which could easily lead to fatigue, weight gain and depression.


Who should avoid It?

Pregnant women – Forskolin can have some effects on the growth of the unborn child. Therefore pregnant women are advised to not use the supplements during their pregnancy.

Breast feeding mothers – There is insufficient information about the supplement on breastfeeding women but its good to avoid it until after your breastfeeding period.

Should you be watching the Dr Oz show for health advice?

Many American gets their health advice from Dr. Oz and other Doctors who present their recommendation dr ozof TV Medical Talk Show, but there are many confusing information about the shows. So the question is; Should you be watching the Dr Oz show for health advice? Although safe and reliable weight-loss solutions have never been so easy, Dr. Oz explores the latest diet trends, lifestyle changes and fitness regimes that provide the safest, fastest and easiest way to shed extra weight. Millions of American watch depends on the show for medical advice, and a number of those who have used the advice have reported effectiveness.

A study published in the weekly British Medical Journals reviewed about 80 episodes of two medical TV shows reveals that about half of the recommendations provided by the doctors are evidence based while the rest half are not scientific-based and are based on some believable evidence. The study was done by a group of researchers composed of a family of medical and pharmacy professors from the University of Colombia and the University of Albert. The team analyzed different recommendations made in the 80 shows and rated them based on the scientific proof and effectiveness reports among the users.

The researchers then selected another 160 recommendation from two different TV shows, 80 recommendations each. The team of the reviewers then reviewed the evidence used and went further to check whether the advice existed in scientific books. However, they found that about 54.4 of the recommendations were supported by at least one of scientific proof while about 45.6 percent of the recommendations were not backed up by evidence and some few were a contradiction to common medical research.

Most of the people who follow the Dr. Oz’s recommendation are doing so on the basis of a trust rather than through balanced explanations of benefits, costs, and harms. The fact that most of the recommendations are working without any side effects and lack of potential conflict of interest is challenging to resist the adoption of the recommendations. It however importance for the consumers to be skeptical about the recommendation made on television medical talk show. They may need to seek for further recommendations from their local medical doctors. Up half of the recommendations are not scientific but depends mainly on believable evidence.

Although most of the recommendation are evidence-based, Dr. Oz may be should have a disclaimer at the end of the show informing them that some of the information may not be very accurate. They should allow viewers to know that before trying cut or any ingredients out of their diet, they may need to console their doctors.

In conclusion, although most of the Dr. Oz recommendations are work as reported by a number of users, some of the recommendations are not sustainable while others do not work at all. Before you start eating pumpkin seed to reduce skin redness or try as recommended in a Television Talk show, it is important to seem more medical advice from your local doctor. You doctor will be able to inform you further on how the recommendation is powerful and if there is any other effective way of achieving the same results. Note that, although most of the recommendations seem to work well with most of the people, research has revealed that not all the recommendation are not a scientist in nature but are based on some believable evidence.