Regarded as lighting in a bottle or the miracle flower and controversial as it is, forskolin proves to have forskolinlong been lingering around waiting to be discovered. It has massive benefits towards a person’s optimal health including weight loss as said on Dr Oz Show. A chemical found within the roots of the plant Plectranthrus Barbatus, or previously known as Coleus Forskohlii, is responsible for this breakthrough discovery from being a laboratory mainstay to worldwide popularity. If going to the gym is part of your routine or maybe working on shedding off some extra pounds, or probably taking supplements to support wellness, then this herbal extract may have crossed your path. Otherwise, you may have just stumbled upon the term forskolin and curiosity has captured your attention, and you are exactly on the right place to come to know all that’s interesting about it. Given the many supplements and other products out there, what makes forskolin unique and why does it stand out from the rest?

Learn about the Pure Forskolin Extract in this in-depth review, and why it is preferred by many people all around the globe.

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What is Forskolin Extract?

Forskolin is a chemical substance which is derived from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii plant, hence the pure extract also known as the labdane diterpene. It is a natural compound that holds anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes the regulation of various cellular functions for increased memory and retention. Forskolin as a weight loss catalyst and its ability to accelerate the muscle building process has made it most sought after by body builders and those struggling with their diet. The use of supplements presents a much more appealing way of losing weight and gaining more mass, since it is a quick and effortless way to achieve it and comes along with promising health benefits.


What is Coleus Forskohlii?

Formerly called as Plectranthus barbatus, and also referred to as Indian Coleus in its vernacular name, Coleus forskohlii is one type of a perennial plant. It is associated with the lavender and mint family, native to the subtropical and tropical regions of Asia, East Africa, as well as Uganda, India, and Thailand. The plant may seem normal just like all other herbs which are comprised of several active compounds, but don’t be fooled. The Coleus forskohlii plant is quite different due to its wondrous tuberous roots, which produces the main bioactive ingredient that interests lab researchers and experts- coleonol, or what we are now aware of as the forskolin substance. These roots are usually made into sour pickles and are garnished in Asian cuisines and made into Indian relishes. Coleus forskohlii has long been part of history with its potent roots turned into various kinds of medicinal treatment, and now partaking in today’s market as pure extract for an individual’s overall health support and most recognized for its fat-burning properties.

Short History

The Coleus forskohlii plant has been used since ancient times, specifically by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine in India, with its coleus-forskohlii-plantmany exceptional uses. It was traditionally used for a myriad of health conditions such as asthma, eczema, hypertension, psoriasis, angina, and congestive heart failure. This cultural and medicinal plant has played an important role in history for thousands of years, and now has been revolutionized and made easily available in many forms.

Clinical Studies

Research done in the 1970s revealed that forskolin contains hypotensive and spasmolytic properties which contributed to low blood pressure and muscle relaxation. In the years 1981-2008, it was used for extensive research, including clinical studies done in vitro, animals, and humans. and it has been found out that it raises the amount of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in the body’s cell composition. It plays the role as one of the essential cell-regulating compounds the body needs since it powerfully activates the adenylate cyclase enzyme which promotes a significant increase in cAMP cellular levels. The enzyme is linked to a higher rate and effectivity of fat burning compounds within the body. Increased cellular cyclic AMP inhibits platelet activation for decreased likelihood of blood clots, reduces histamine for decreased allergy symptoms, and increased lipolysis for fat-burning. This makes it clear that forskolin elicits cAMP dependent physiological responses which are highly effective for the betterment of an individual. Forskolin has produced incredible results which were not even considered possible in the past, and now made available for the benefit of vast consumers.

The Pill Benefits

Gives the Brain an Exceptional Boost

The supplements acts as an essential part in the process called CILTEP, or Chemically Induced Long-Term Potentation Stack. It is used as a cAMP booster and as a nootropic, along with a PDE-4 inhibitor, usually an Artichoke Extract. cAMP, or in regular words, cyclic adenosine monophosphate, is a compound that has a wide range of physiological and biochemical benefits, and this includes decreasing blood clots and relaxing the arterial walls, burning and breaking up of excess fat cells, and relieves asthma. It activates the cAMP enzyme adenylate cyclase, which is known to benefit several important cellular functions in the brain and body. In following, the Artichoke Extract keeps the excessive cAMP for extended periods of time, therefore providing the user’s brain an increased level of cAMP. This translates directly to enhancing the overall function of the brain, and results in heightened memory performance. New information introduced is easily assimilated and stored for later use. Forskolin can indeed be used as a study supplement or in any task that would require mental focus or concentration. It can be utilized to gain an edge in recalling and accessing old memories, in a better reasoning process and in a greater learning capacity.


A Helpful Companion for Losing Weight

Out of the many outstanding and various benefits that Pure Forskolin Extract provides, perhaps the benefit that is given the most attention is its promise in helping users lose fat. It is rated as highly beneficial in treating obesity and weight loss. It has been branded by science and media alike as the best supplement for losing weight that acts as a vigorous catalyst when taken in the right amount. The extract has a unique and inherent ability to start hormone production, specifically ones that stimulate fat-burning natural mechanisms within. Forskolin’s non-synthetic and natural versions are tied to positive fat burning results that can get you back in shape in the safest way possible. Carbohydrates, fat and fatty acids are all needed for a person to function well in all aspects all throughout the day. It give fuel to the body, which is converted to metabolic energy that makes us think, talk, move, and all the necessary things that we need in order to survive. Increased thermogenesis in particular is the result of taking Forskolin extracts because it helps release more fatty acids coming from adipose tissues. Thermogenesis then speeds up and increases the body mass while melting the body fat away. In one particular research, about 2 dozen men who were overweight or obese were given the supplement, while another group were given placebos. Results favored the group that were given Forskolin, as they have shown impressive results with significant loss in body fat, an increase of the good, lean body mass and a remarkable increase in bone density and mass as compared the the group that were given placebos.

An Effective Asthma Reliever

Scientific reports and studies have also found Forskolin supplements can be an effective shield against asthma attacks. Not only that, but it is said to fend off and treat people with asthmatic conditions. Less attacks were reported to the users as compared to the non-users, and the users who had attacks provided a less severe rating and mentioned they had an easier time to breathe than without. It is a natural smooth-muscle relaxant that affects bronchodilation and other vital indicators of a good pulmonary function such as a decreased resistance in the airways, an increased lung capacity and a forced expiratory volume.

Used to Treat Glaucoma, an Eye Disease

It can take on various forms, and in this case, eye drops to help against the eye condition known as Glaucoma. It does this by reducing intraocular pressure in the eyes, which plays a key factor in the progress and development of the disease. Topical application of about one percent Forskolin drops recorded significant reduction of intraocular pressure that lasted up to 5 hours at a time. The cAMP’s miraculous properties is mainly responsible for this eye treatment. At this time, either eye drops or Forskolin ingested orally can relieve glaucoma effects or intraocular hypertension in many patients.

May Assist in Many Cardiovascular Conditions

Forskolin extract, or its baser form, Coleus forskohlii has been used in more ancient times as a medicine for treating high blood pressure and chest pain. It works directly as a muscle relaxant that goes straight into the heart and in the walls of the surrounding blood vessels. This leads to a stronger flow of blood, a better heart beat, which widens the blood vessels and allows the blood to pass more easily, relieving pressure. The cAMP-elevating factor of this supplement is the one responsible for the life-prolonging properties, and it has been tested in a controlled study. Dilated cardiomyopathy, a difficult heart condition, was targeted on in seven patients, and after administering the supplement, the patients had a great improvement in cardiovascular performance and it was noted that their left ventricular function was given a healthy boost. The supplement also affects the blood flow in the brain and can treat patients in the same way as it does the heart. It can be an amazing supplement for those who had recently experienced a stroke and is in the post-stroke recovery and in helping against insufficiency in the cerebral vascular function. It has to be noted that it also can inhibit platelet aggregation, which further cements its usefulness in treating various cardiovascular disorders.

And many more!

Pure Forskolin improves the bodies’ nutrient absorption and digestion and puts less work on our kidneys, liver and other digestive systems. It also gives off a strong anti-spasmodic action on our smooth muscles, not only helping us breathe easier, but it can also help in relieving painful urination, uterine cramps and intestinal colic. Forskolin extracts and supplements can also be used to increase thyroid functions, alleviate psoriasis, produce a better feeling of well-being and ward off depression and anxiety attacks. It also plays a key role in arming our bodies by strengthening our immune system, activating the needed antibodies such as lymphocytes and various macrophages.fat-burner-results

Popular Fat Burner

Forskolin extract have been used for ages for various health benefits, but it wasn’t really known until the famous TV Doctor Dr Ozfeatured it on his show. Dr Oz doesn’t promote or recommend any particular supplements, just as long as it’s a high quality product.

You might be searching for “forskolin dr oz” or “dr oz forskolin” in hopes of to find pills that are recommended by him, after reading this review you will be able to choose a high quality brand.

Popular Diet Pill Brands

There are several popular brands that are currently on the market. You can read each review in detail and compare for yourself before you choose which supplement to buy.

If you haven’t watched the Dr Oz forskolin episode, we have it for you below.


Dr Oz Review


Dosage Information

The recommended dosages are typically based on the levels and content a supplement has in concentrated and standardized dosageforms. Generally, these dosages are followed for optimal results:

Forskolin – 5 to 10 mg twice a day
Standardized extract or about 18% – 50 mg 2-3 times a day
Dried root – 2-5 g 2-3 times a day
Suspension eye drops with 1% – 50 microliters topically applied on the cornea of people without any eye condition, and would be a different dose for patients with glaucoma for an eye expert to determine
Powder for asthma – 10 mg powder through the use of an inhalator

For starters, it is best to go with a dosage of 25-60 mg a day to let the body adapt and adjust to its effects. Of course, it is always best to look for the natural and pure extract, without any additives and fillers that would affect its potency.

Is It Safe?

Forskolin is typically taken on long terms for hypothyroidism, but is generally advised to avoid use in conjunction with thyroid hormone replacement therapy. With use, the arteries tend to relax and blood pressure lowers down, so using it along with medications related to lowering blood pressure would require a doctor’s supervision. It also relaxes bronchial muscles and can alter the potency of certain drugs used for asthma treatment, so never alter it without consulting your doctor. Though forskolin is safe to take at recommended dosages, people with stomach ulcers should seek medical attention first.


Where to Buy?

Forskolin is highly recommended for people who are looking for the safest and most effective product among their overwhelming choices. It is a great means for burning fat and losing some pounds, and for acquiring more mass at a faster rate. Taking in Forskolin Extract is definitely a natural way to do so, while managing to stay healthy and always be in your best shape.

If you aren’t sure where to buy a quality supplement, you can try our recommended brands. We only recommend supplements that are of high quality.

If you haven’t watched the video by Dr.Oz, we highly recommend you do so first before you buy any supplements. To learn more about Dr Oz and his practises, you can visit his website here.