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6 ways you can burn 5 pounds of fat before 2017

You desperately wish to lose weight, but you’ve tried a lot of different diets and failed over the years that you have grown burn-fatdiscouraged.

Let’s face it, most diets are not easy to maintain as they are created to get weight off and not for your personal convenience. And as soon as you go off the diet, the weight comes right back, along with a little more. Thus, you end up being worse off than before.

It is one thing to want to lose weight and another thing to want to lose weight quickly. Most people want to lose weight as soon as possible but this can be a difficult goal to attain. However, losing weight dramatically and quickly can occur provided you know how to go about it. For those looking to shed excess pounds as soon as possible, here are 5 ways you can burn 5 pounds of fat before 2017

Start drinking lots of water

Often, water retention is the culprit for excess weight and a bloated physical appearance. If you increase your water intake, your body will flush out much of the excess, retained water. Also, a fully hydrated body will have a better metabolism which will aid in burning stored fat.It is recommended that one is supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day as it can assist in surpressing your appetite, burning fat and weight loss.

Cut carbohydrates out of your diet

For some, the low-carb “fad” is a thing of the past. While the popularity with cutting carbs has dimmed with the general public, the fact remains reducing carb intake will help you drop weight quickly. There are three reasons for this: water weight will be reduced; your overall calorie content will be reduced; and you will be burning fat as opposed to sugars for energy.

Eat Smaller Meals

Reduce the portions of your meals and increase the frequency of eating. Instead of eating three large meals, it would be better to consume six smaller ones paced through the day. When you go too long between meals, your body’s metabolism will start to slow down. By reducing portions and increasing frequency, your metabolism will immediately speed up. This means it will burn more calories.

Start a cardio program

When you exercise you will burn calories. That is why it is critical to hop on a treadmill, play basketball, start jogging, or doing anything that will get your body active. In addition to burning calories while you perform the exercises, your increased heart rate will rev up your metabolism. This means you will be burning additional calories AFTER having finished your cardio work.


Begin a strength training routine

Now, some may be saying they are not interested in packing muscles. Such a statement overlooks an important point about strength training. That is, muscles need to burn calories in order to repair themselves after a workout. As such, even a short, 20 minute light weightlifting routine will help burn calories immediately.

Exercise should become a routine in your daily life. Sure, we know you may not like the idea of getting out there and walking, jogging, doing sit ups, pushups, hiking, biking and all of that stuff, but it is what you need to do in order to shed pounds, and you do what to melt that extra belly fat, don’t you?

Watch your diet

Change your diet by increasing the amount of protein and fiber your body absorbs. This is key if you need to lose weight fast. By increasing the amount of protein and fiber, you are doing two important things. The more you consume protein, the higher your metabolism. There after, taking in more fiber will help you cleanse your digestive tract.You can increase your weight lost, by eliminating bodily waste. Having a buildup of waste can keep you from losing weight, by cleaning out your system, you will be able to lose more weight.

Supplement with Forskolin Extract

forskolin-for-fat-lossForskolin extract is one of weight loss supplements that is scientifically proven to burn fat. Add a forskolin extract supplement to your diet to burn the unwanted fat quicker. Combined with consistent exercise forskolin will help you lose pounds much easier than if you decide to take the pills without exercise or a proper diet.

Right above are 6 simple ways you can put to use in your life immediately, to help you burn 5 pounds of fat before 2017 and have healthier body. Yes, you can burn 5 pounds of fat rather quickly if know how to go about it and have plenty of determination and commitment,. So, why not get started right away?

4 Fat Burning Supplements Introduced by Dr Oz

dr oz fat burners

There are a variety of important fat-burning supplements that were introduced by Dr.Oz that can do more for your body than you might think. These fat-burning supplements will provide you with the assistance you require when getting your metabolic system up and running. This can work quite well when you are trying to burn off those last few pounds of weight that you have been struggling to get rid of. So let’s talk about a few supplements that Dr.Oz recommended for effective weight loss.


Forskolin is one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market today. It grew in popularity after it was talked about by Dr Oz on his hit TV Show. We have a detailed guide focused on forskolin and Dr Oz in particular. You can find it in our guides section.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketone supplements have become especially popular in recent time. These supplements contain ketones that have come from red raspberry fruits. These will work to regulate the production of proteins that can help improve metabolic functions in your body. As this is used, the ketones will trigger new metabolic functions in your body. This in turn should help you to get your body to feel stronger and more capable of staying functional and active.

This works particularly well for burning off fats that might enter into your body. As this works, your body will have more control over how fats are to get into your body while triggering added functions to keep your fats under control.

Saffron Extract

The saffron plant has been used for a variety of cooking purposes over the years but today it can be used for more than just this. The extract that comes from the saffron plant will help to trigger strong metabolic functions when used properly. This especially works well around the midsection in terms of burning off harder to manage fats around your body.

The saffron extract particularly works as an appetite suppressant. It reduces your urge to consume food and can especially be ideal for cases where you are trying to burn off fats. This especially encourages the natural metabolic functions in your body to stay active while reducing your overall caloric total. This can help you to control how your fats are to be processed and eliminated naturally from your body.

Green Coffee Extract

The green coffee extract is the third option to take a look at. This comes from young coffee beans that have yet to be roasted. The extracts that come from these beans can be prepared into a helpful supplement that may be perfect for your fat-burning requirements.

The green coffee extract will improve how well your body is able to burn off fats. It particularly works by triggering added metabolic functions in your body. When used right, this can improve how well your body can burn off fat.

This may especially work for those who have abdominal fat that is not easy to shed off. The green coffee extract especially helps to keep the body active and strong enough to handle a regular workout. This in turn can make it easier for anyone to lose more weight and stay healthier.

These three options are good to find if you want to get great fat-burning supplements that your body can utilize. When used properly along with a healthy diet and exercise plan, it should be easier for your body to burn off the excess fats that you have been struggling to get rid of.

Comparing Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia

In this article, we will be comparing forskolin and garcinia cambogia. We are going to provide information regarding the two best known natural weight loss products. The article will highlight at what the two products are as well as the benefits of each with the hope that the information will help you in choosing the best product that you can choose when you are trying to lose weight naturally.

Garcinia Cambogia

It goes by other names such as bridle berry and garcinia kola. It is a plant that grows in some parts of Africa and Asia. These plants produces bitter tasting berries which comes in different colors. Some of the most popular colors are orange, yellow, green and red. When the berries are dried either naturally or artificially, they turn black or brown.

Although this herb has many health benefits, the most popular one is that it helps one to lose weight. Its weight lose capabilities are associated with one of its ingredients hydroxycitric acid. From a number of studies that have been conducted, it has been established that this compound helps to retard the body’s ability to convert excess carbohydrates and proteins into fats. By slowing down fat production, the body is compelled to use stored fats as fuel. HCA also encourages the production of serotonin which you to avoid emotional eating and also helps you to develop good eating habits. HCA will also help in the regulation of stress hormone called cortisol. Excessive cortisol in the body results in poor health. HCA will also lead to healthier sleeping habits. And the best of all is that there are no serious side effects that have been reported by those who have used this herb.

dr oz show forskolin


Forskolin also goes by the name Coleus forkohlii. Just like Garcinia, this herb is found growing in Africa and Asian countries. This plant has become very popular among people who are struggling to lose weight. The most useful ingredient from this plant is extracted from the leaves. Coleus forkohlii extracts stimulates the breaking down of fats as well as assisting in metabolism. However, this herb will have side effects to people who are using blood thinning drugs.

It wasn’t known by people until Dr.Oz introduced forskolin on his TV show and explained the benefits of it. Since then it has been one of the most popular weight loss supplements.

To help in weight loss, hydrocarbons which are extracted from the plant works hand in hand with enzymes in the body to increase basal metabolism rate. This results in more fats being burned by the body. The presence of this herb in the body triggers the production of an enzyme called sensitive lipase which promotes the burning of fats. It also promotes the production of adenosine monophosphate. This is a molecule will control the production of thyroid hormone which will consequently burn calories and body fats.

There are also many other health benefits that comes with using this herb. For example, people who practice ayurvedic medicine have been using the herb to treat many other conditions such as respiratory diseases, neurological conditions, sleep disorders as well as skin conditions. The herb is also good for those who want to develop lean muscles.

Coleus Forskohlii And Weight Loss – Truth Or Hype?

coleus forskohlii

Nowadays, most people are grasping for any product they believe will help them shed pounds of fat. The truth is that some substances work, while others can be quite harmful to their health. Prescription medications are known to have harmful side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to use natural alternatives. Unfortunately, not all natural products are safe to use. A new entrance to the weight loss supplements is Coleus Forskohlii. The herb has been in use for many years. The herb was first discovered in tropical climates of India. It is used for various medical practices, but has been found to be more effective to promote weight loss.

One of the questions asked by most people is coleus forskohlii and weight loss – truth or hype? First, it is weight loss resultsimportant to know how this herb works. The herb is able to promote release of Lipase. This is a fat burning enzyme. This helps one lose weight permanently. In addition, it helps boost the metabolic rate and breaks down the stored fatty tissues. It has also been found to increase the insulin levels in the blood, which aids in uptake of nutrients.

Use forskolin leads to increase in levels of adenylate cyclase enzyme. This is the enzyme that is credited with natural burning of the unwanted fats in the body. For instance, it activates protein kinase in your body and thereby stimulating release of cAMP that breaks down fatty acids. Regular use of the supplement increases production of enzymes, which are involved in digestion and absorption of the food particles. You are therefore able to get more nutrients from the food you take. This will help you feel more energetic during the harder workout sessions.

Coleus Forskohill side effects

A number of people who have used this product for weight loss have noticed pretty results. It is advisable to use it for three months. However, some studies show that the ingredients it contains can result in metabolizing a number of medications. For safe use, it is important to consult your doctor if you are suffering from any terminal illness such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or if you are pregnant. If you are breastfeeding you should avoid its use.

Research results

Forskolin has been found to create a natural tendency in the body to eliminate excess weight and fat. This is highly effective product in any slimming program. It should be combined with the training program and diet, in order to deliver incredible results. In a couple of weeks, you will see the body fat melting away very fast. If you love slim fit jeans, you will be glad to use this product. Most importantly, it stops the fat from coming back. So whatever you have lost, you will have lost it forever.


Forskolin is usually available in liquid and tablets form in variety of dosages. Common dosage includes 50 mg standardized for 18-percent forskolin. However, the current research is not sufficient to determine the right dosage depending on the amount of weight you want to lose.

Forskolin: the most effective weight loss for men

If you are a man and still haven’t managed to drop the leftover pounds or belly fat, which is one of the most mens weight lossvexing weight gain issues. Forskolin has been proven in scientific studies to create an increase lean mass as well as decrease fat with major loss. Note that excess weight in midsection may cause your clothes to be ill-fitting, increase health problems and also drop your self confidence. Take a look at how it works:

It has a direct effect on an enzyme called adenylate cyclase, an enzyme that “communicates” directly to your cells. The enzyme actually raises levels of cAMP in the cells, which is a regulator to the cells. In short, Forskolin is able to control the stuffs that control the cells.

The following good things are the result of raising cAMP levels

· Improves functions of the thyroid

· Decreases releases of histamine from the cells, which in turn reduces severity of allergic reactions.

· Increased lipolysis, a scientific term for burning fat.

A study conducted at the Penn State University showed that the obese often have reduced production of cAMP. The extract is able to activate an enzyme that increases levels of cAMP in the cells.

It also changes the body composition by reducing the ratio between lean body mass and body fat. Generally less body fat is considered by nutritionists, doctors, and researchers as a desirable result of any weight loss regime.

It Is Natural

Approximately 15% of people living in America prefer using a dietary supplement for weight loss. This is according to American Dietetic Association Journal. Most people turn to natural supplements to attempt to lose weight. Forskolin is extracted from the roots of an herbal plant from the mint family. This plant has been in use since ancient times to cure health problems like high blood pressure, chest pains and also asthma.

It is able to break Down Excess Fat

Excess fat in unwanted places results in weight gain. If your belly bulging bothers you, or some skin is folding over your jeans, The supplement is the best for you on the grounds that research has found it to assist in breakdown of stored fat either in animals or human beings.

It is able Release Fatty Acids

The metabolism of fatty acids is essential for energy production and also life in general. Essential fatty acids together with carbohydrates and fats are a requirement to produce adequate metabolic energy for the body to think, breath, talk, move, produce body heat as well as other activities your body needs to function normally. Forskolin also releases fatty acids from adipose tissues. This results in increased thermogrnesis prompting the loss of body fat and increase in lean body mass


Studies Show Proven Results

A study conducted in 2005 by the Department of Health, Sports and Exercise science showed that the supplement was able to effect positive weight loss on obese and overweight men who participated.


Men can effectively use this diet supplement to lose weight. This is because the product has been tested and used by many people. Several researches conducted have showed positive results with very little or no side effects at all. It is also very easy to use compared to other methods involving surgical procedures or cumbersome physical workouts. Read more about it in details in our guide here